5. MYSTERY.  Flooding in Bangladesh  

Disaster hits Bangladesh

Solving the mystery.

You work for a Bangladeshi television news team.  You are producing a report on the victims of the flood disaster and feature two families (Family of Mohammed Shah Jehan and Jengul Shevket).  One of the members one of these two families dies in the disaster. 

Your job is to produce a report on who dies and why.

How do you present your report?

This should be a “live” oral presentation.  You have 30 mins today, and next double lesson to script your report (plus homework) and present it to the rest of the class next lesson.    You can use visual aids and “drama” where appropriate.

Mystery Cards

Mohammed Shah Jehan and his family live in a slum area on the outskirts of the capital city, Dhaka.

Snow melt from the Himalayas.

Newly deposited islands of silt are densely populated.

Deforestation in the upper drainage basin increases surface run-off.

Mohamed Shah Jehan brought his family from the countryside after the disasterous floods of 1984.  He was a landless peasant who rented farmland from a local landowner.  He was evicted by the landowner when he couldn’t afford to pay his rent.

Typhoons are funnelled up the Bay of Bengal.  A Typhoon is an intense tropical storm

In the summer the whole of this part of Asia is hit by a climatic event called a monsoon.  This is a period of very heavy and often intense rainfall.  On average, the highest monthly monsoon totals reach 500 mm.

Silt blocks the river channels.

On September 7th 1988 a Tropical Cyclone hit the hit the coast of Bangladesh.  It brought winds of 225Km/h and waves over 7 metres high.

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