3. CLASSIFICATION. Flooding in Bangladesh
Flooding in Bangladesh - LEVEL ONE

Read through these 21 statements carefully.

Organise the statements into their THREE groups:

1. Causes - what made the floods happen?

2. Effects - what problems did the floods bring?

3. Responses and Solutions - what did people have to do afterwards?

Then copy them neatly onto a copy of the mind map across a double page in your exercise book.

  • Bangladesh is a very flat country
  • Heavy monsoon rains fall
  • Bangladesh is very low-lying
  • Many bridges and railways were swept away
  • Rice crops were ruined
  • Many people were drowned
  • The River Ganges is full of soil and mud
  • Many parts of Bangladesh have no flood protection
  • Drinking dirty water has brought about many diseases
  • Many people were made homeless
  • Many people have been bitten by poisonous snakes
  • Many bridges over the River Ganges have been washed away
  • The Himalayas provided water for the rivers in Bangladesh
  • Trees in the Himalayas have been cut down
  • Britain sent boats and helicopters
  • Plans are made to build 5000 Emergency shelters
  • The riverbanks were strengthened
  • Water purification tablets were sent to Bangladesh
  • The land is drained before the monsoon season begins
  • Millions of pounds was sent to help people in Bangladesh
  • The river was divided into sections to stop future flood

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