1. Most Likely To....(Climate)

In which country are you most likely to

1. Be surprised if sales of sun cream are high?

2. Enjoy winter sports?

3. Enjoy long, hot summers?

4. Need to have several sets of thermal underwear?

5. Be indecisive about days out in the countryside?

6. Have an expensive heating bill?

7. Need to scrape the car windows?

8. Have shops whose sales of woollen jumpers are low?

9. Have a tourist industry centred on the weather?

10. Have a tourist industry centred on the scenery?

11. Experience frequent precipitation?

12. Experience settled weather conditions over long periods?

13. Experience unsettled weather conditions throughout the year?

14. Have severe weather warning issued on a regular basis?

15. Have a growing season?

16. Have difficulty growing crops?

17. Have retail outlets that thrive on sales of sunglasses?

18. Have retail outlets whose profits are obtained via sales of ski equipment?

19. Be able to go ice-skating without going indoors?

20. Need to seek medical help due to exposure to extremes of weather?

21. Take record readings at the Met. Office?

22. See unpredictable demands placed on energy providers?

23. Need to purchase a vehicle with special features due to the climate?

24. See the health service under pressure?

25. Watch the Olympic games?

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